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The Brown Bread Company

We are a baking company born out of love for flavour and fitness. We tirelessly pursue our one goal: to deliver baked goods that satisfy both your tastebuds and your workout.

No chemicals. No preservations. Only a healthy lifestyle.


Eat your heart out

What we make at the Brown Bread Company is made without chemicals or preservatives. So what do we put in it? Apart from the natural ingredients of bread, we also mix in lots of love, concern, and care for your health.

No junk. No guilt. Only delicious food.


Stop cheating, start eating.

Remember that one time when you had to stop yourself from having a cheat day on your diet? Well, you don’t have to remember anymore. The next time you feel a craving for the delightful goodness of freshly cooked cakes and bread straight from the oven, you know where to head to.

The home to flavourful fitness located in the heart of the city at Nungambakkam.

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173/1, Sterling Rd, Opposite Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34.

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