About Us

Drive by our storefront in Nungambakkam and you will not miss the mouthwatering aroma of an assortment of the freshest baked goods.


The Brown Bread Company

The Brown Bread Company was first envisioned as an in-house baking and salad bar for Ignite 101 - a lifestyle facility with a 360-degree focus on training, nutrition and community. Initially aimed at serving the personalised nutritional diet requirements of the clients, The Brown Bread Company is now a brand of its own standing for flavourful fitness.

Launched in December 2017, The Brown Bread Company delivers chemical free and preservative free baked goods. Today, we serve you healthy baked goods that range from quinoa salads to protein-rich grilled steaks, from whey protein muffins with no sugar to health smoothies, from sourdough bread to Keto bread - we got them all covered.

Apart from our personal clients, we also deliver our baked goods to the many bistros and clubs of the city such as The Vault, Off The Record, Gharwala Bistro to name a few. Drive by our storefront in Nungambakkam and you will not miss the mouthwatering aroma of an assortment of the freshest baked goods


Prasad Raj started his career in the fitness industry in 2010 as a celebrity fitness coach training multiple celebrities from different industries. In the year 2012, he was acquired as a Product Manager for Hercules Fitness (TI cycles of India). He grew under the leadership of Mr. Arun Alagappan, gaining experience, and accolades. Today he juggles multiple roles.

As the proprietor of Hercules Fitness Equipment, he handles the retail showroom for the fitness equipment and accessories since 2016 for domestic, semi-commercial and commercial requirements which include prominent names such as Ceebros, India Builders, Rage, Score, and Pink Fitness Centres.

With his experience in the fitness industry, he has founded the Ignite 101 gym, a one of a kind 360 degree setup. Ignite 101 is a lifestyle facility which focuses on Training, Nutrition, and Community. Ignite 101 has seen high ranked Indian Olympians, Commonwealth Contestants,and celebrities who use Ignite for developing their lifestyle and fitness discipline.


The latest in line from Prasad Raj’s line of entrepreneurship adventures is The Brown Bread Company. With the goal to provide healthy and delicious food that satisfies both flavour and fitness, the Brown Bread Company aims at delivering baked goods that satisfy both your tastebuds and your workout.